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19 Feb 2018

Data Dispatch is pleased to announce that it is now a member of the National Courier Dispatch Association. Speaking after the Company's membership had been approved, Gerard Robinson said, 'I am delighted that Data Dispatch has been accepted as a member of the National Courier Dispatch Association. This is the leading industry body within the UK and the network capacity increases the service offering we can offer to our customers. Likewise, Data Dispatch can offer its fellow associates a much improved service offering throughout Ireland. I like the fact that we are now part of a conglomerate made up of other courier companies who prize their local autonomy but are keen to ensure that they can provide a comprehensive and seamless service for their clients. The success of the network is built on interdependency, therefore, my associate in Bristol is depending on me to provide a first class service just as I depend on my counterpart in Glasgow to pull out all the stops for me.'

Commenting on the international service offering, Robinson noted,' The international division of the NCDA excites me as it opens up a world, no pun intended, of opportunities for our customers. As Data Dispatch is now integral part of the NCDA network, we can now influence policy and direct the service offering which can only be good news for our customers.'




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